Couples Coaching

Relationships take time, intentionality and investment.

If you let your relationship "coast", you may find yourself

in a place you never intended. Sometimes relationships need a "Reboot".

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It Starts with You

Remember, creating healthy relationships starts with you.Many of my private coaching clients have found that the better they understand themselves, the better they are able to give and receive love in a relationship. 

It's ALL connected.


When your partner sees you changing they get curious and come to the table. One place to start is journalling through your OWN Enneagram Journal. This will help you discover WHY you think, feel and act the way you do. It will bring self-awareness so you can bring yourself to your relationship.

Joining Together

Sharing your discoveries with your partner will invite them into your world. It will create empathy, understanding and a stronger relationship. I help you facilitate those conversations and gain insight into your world as well as your partner's

Couples Coaching Package

  • 6 Sessions with me for you and your partner together

  • Coaching and a facilitated discussion customized to the needs of your personal and relationship growth

  • Enneagram Typing

  • Type Specific Enneagram Journal 

  • If you or your partner already know your type and/or have already purchased a journal, bring those to our first call and we will pick up right where you left off.

6 Sessions for only $1080
3 monthly payments of $400/month