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When is the Last Time You Played "Hide and Seek"?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I was playing "Hide and Seek" with my two youngest the other day

(yes, I know, they are 15 and 18).

I had the perfect hiding spot! They were calling out for me to give them a clue, a hint to where I was. It took them what seemed like forever. But...they finally found me!

 Isn't that the BEST part? Being FOUND? How do you know you have FOUND what you are looking for?

What are the clues, evidence, signs that tell you that your treasure is just below the surface?

The Enneagram is like a roadmap.

It shows you 

Whoyou are looking for

Howyou are wired

Whatyou value 

Whyyou do this things you do

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