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I Changed My Mind

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

It took me six years to get through nursing school. I started at one school and then changed to another. I worked full-time while I was pregnant with our first daughter but then changed my mind and quit my job after giving birth. I graduated nursing school as class president and then ten days later, I gave birth to our second daughter. That changed my world. When it was time to find a job as a nurse, my husband could sense something wasn't right. I was struggling to imagine leaving my babies all day and juggling work and this new role of mom I fell in love with. I didn't dare share this with him since he financially put me through school and took care of our daughter while I was in class. The sacrifices he made and the time I put into getting this degree couldn't be just "thrown away". But he knew. He said those magic words I will never forget. The words I didn't know needed to hear. Those words changed the course of my life. "If you don't want to work, don't work." I felt the load I was carrying fall off and I could breathe again. So I changed my mind about working as a nurse. And when I did, it felt like someone had recalibrated me and I was headed in the right direction. It felt good, right, and true. I didn't have to pretend that balancing home and career was easy. I didn't have to fake being at peace leaving my girls for long shifts. I didn't have to tell myself lies that it was going to be fine. When I heard those words, I felt free.

Coming to terms with our true North and making the adjustments to align our life in the right direction is what will bring us freedom, confidence, and fulfillment in life. And isn't that what we are all after? Freedom to be who we authentically are and grow into the person we want to become. Confidence to make decisions and set boundaries without guilt or fear. Fulfillment in life that brings us joy and meaning. This takes being honest with ourselves and trusting our own judgment to take control of our lives and make the changes necessary.

Change can be hard. We don't always welcome it. We fear the unknown. So we avoid it. We get comfortable and set in our ways. But then we don't grow. We feel a sense of being out of control. And that makes us feel unsafe. We don't trust the process and do all we can to protect ourselves. But there are times that we need to change in order to stay true to ourselves. So how do you know when it's time to change so that you can live an authentic life and not someone else's?

Here are some signs and symptoms that you can look for to determine if it's time to change.

Click on the ones that sound most like you and explore that Enneagram Type.

Which ones resonate with you? Did you know there are specific signs and symptoms you can look for if you know your enneagram type? Just as there are warning signs to alert you that something needs to change, there are specific strategies that can guide you on that journey to change. I would love to share with you those strategies to help you feel that sense of freedom and as you align yourself with what is honest and true for you.

Author of Enneagram Guided Journals and Rediscovering You An Enneagram Typing Journal

Speaker to international organizations, universities, colleges, churches, non-profits, retreats, conferences, podcasts, webinars, and hundreds of women's groups around the U.S.

Life Coach for women in leadership who want to rediscover the leader within.

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