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In-Person and Virtual

Erin has spoken to international organizations, universities, colleges, churches, non-profits, retreats, conferences, podcasts, webinars and hundreds of women's groups around the U.S.

She is also a published author of 18 guided Enneagram Journals. 

Take your team or small group through a journey toward transformation.

Create motivation, improve communication, promote cooperation as you invest in your team's emotional intelligence. 

Erin shares how the knowledge of the Enneagram and nursing background will create self-awareness and empathy.

She has available pre-recorded workshops including discussion questions for immediate application and team building. 


Beyond Self-Care
Learn how to love others better by showing yourself love according to your enneagram type.

The Enneagram and Relationships
Create empathy in your relationships beginning with YOU.

Building Resilience in Times of Change
We all struggle with change. Learn how to become more aware, make adjustments and align yourself to who you want to be.

Authentic Leadership

Strengthen your leadership skills as you learn to align your personal and professional life with your values. 

Pre-recorded Offerings Available
Each recorded presentation is 20 minutes and include discussion questions and social media post ideas. Contact for pricing.