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Meet Erin

Accredited Enneagram Practitioner

Erin is a Midwest based entrepreneur, encourager and enneagram expert. She values effective interactions, seeks efficient strategies, and eagerly strives to see people become who they were meant to be. With her nursing background, she is able to use a holistic approach to life coaching.


As Erin entered the season where her kids started leaving the nest, she was left asking herself, “Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I use all my experience mentoring and leading women for over 20 years and my knowledge of the Enneagram?”  


The study of the enneagram focused her quest and helped her to better understand her own personality, her experiences, and her purpose. And for the first time in her life, she felt acceptance for what makes her uniquely herself. Not only did she learn to love and accept herself, she  also gained tools to better see and hear where others are on their journeys of self awareness. She has personally experienced the improvement in the quality of her life and relationships. Utilizing the tools of the enneagram has given her the focus and clarity to live her life with greater awareness and confidence, and her training enables her to share these gifts with her individual clients and organizations.

Erin has spoken to international organizations, universities, colleges, churches, non-profits, retreats, conferences, podcasts, webinars and hundreds of women's groups around the U.S. And is a published author.

Enjoy Being a Mom By Embracing Your Enne
Leverage the Enneagram to Master Life wi
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