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Demystifying Menopause

Understanding and Embracing the Change

Feeling Frustrated, Lost, Overwhelmed?


Your Menopause Advocate,  
Erin Slutsky

Erin comes from a nursing background with over 25 years of experience leading, mentoring, and coaching women. As a postmenopausal woman herself, she knows the effects of menopause on your health, work, and relationships. She believes every woman should be empowered to advocate for herself to get the support she deserves.

"Erin has such a calm and peaceful presence. She made me feel comfortable to share what I was going through." Tammy S.

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Get answers in just
4 Sessions

Come and be a part of our small and intimate group for 4 weeks where you can connect with women who are on a similar journey. You will receive a helpful resources, tools and strategies to manage menopause, understand its effects, and empower your body and mind to thrive in this new chapter of your life.

Plan Your Group


Gather Your Gals

Look around. They are everywhere! Your book club, office, yoga class.

Find 7-10 women who you know or join one of Erin's groups and meet some new friends.


Set Your Schedule

What days or times work best?

You get to make the plan.

First thing, lunch break, after work?

Sunday AM, hump day, or happy hour.

Set aside 1 1/2 hours for 4 weeks.


Select Your Setting

Do you love to host in your home?

Is a local meeting space better?

Virtual is always an option too.

Erin has several ideas and locations to choose from.

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I want more information.
Contact Erin to get your questions answered!
Fill out this form and she will get in contact with you.

Talk to you soon!

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