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Don't Just "Survive" the Holidays

I recently made a connection between my expectations of the holidays and my stress level leading up to "The Day". Growing up, The expectation wast to "out-do" the previous year. Not only that, but it represented a years worth of love. In other words, your gift(s) represented how much you were loved and appreciated that year.

For example, I remember one Christmas morning when the gifts filled half the room! Presents were pouring out from under the tree. I was so excited to see which one of those gifts were the thing I was longing for. Well, to my disappointment, my "Perfect Gift" wasn't there. Had Santa forgotten? Did he not get the message of what I truly wanted? Was I not on the "Nice" list? Yah, THAT must be it! I was on the "Naughty" list for being mean to my sister, lying to my parents, not cleaning my room.

I caught myself thinking about those same things as an adult. Why didn't anyone get me what I truly wanted? Why didn't they just "know" what I wanted? If they were paying attention, they would know and I wouldn't have to give them a list.