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From Invisible to Known: The Art of Being Seen, Heard, and Understood

Updated: Mar 9

Let me take you back to my childhood. There was a show I loved to watch when I was about 6 years old. I would rush to the TV, turn on channel 32, and adjust the antenna (yes, I know I'm dating myself).

At the end of every Romper Room episode, Miss Nancy would get out her Magic Mirror and look out into the audience to see who had fun that day. She would call out kids names and I so desperately wanted her to say mine. " I see Lisa, I see Heather, I see Amy." But she never said my name. I never heard her say "I see Erin".

I felt invisible like I didn't matter.

Back then, I didn't understand the difference between being physically seen and being seen in the way of feeling acknowledged, understood, and valued.

Have you ever felt like that? Not just as a kid but as a grown woman? Sometimes we feel invisible or unseen. We don't get what we think we deserve. People don't understand our perspective. Our sense of worth is dependent on what others think of us. We may feel insecure, lonely, or even angry. That's just not right! That's why I'm on a mission for women in midlife to be confident in who they are, connect deeply, and find peace.

When you feel seen, you can embrace your true identity. There is a sense of deep knowing and belonging. This is one thing I love about using the Enneagram in my coaching. It has helped me guide many of my clients to not only be seen but also valued. When you understand your motivations and purpose, you can stand up for what you believe. I show you how to notice what gets in the way of what you want, you can overcome those obstacles and achieve your goals.

To find out how YOUR Enneagram Type feels seen,

  • Reply "SEEN" and I'll reach out to discuss how the Enneagram can help you feel valued based on your specific type.

  • Don't know your Enneagram type yet? Take the FREE Enneagram test

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