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Gratitude:The Remedy for Everything that Ails You.

Can you hear my nursing background coming through? I'm not sure if it's this time of year when viruses run wild or the change in the weather but sickness and sadness seem to be going viral. And wouldn't it be wonderful if there were a cure so we can live healthy, happy lives? Well, I think there may be. But just like medicine, we have to remember to take it in order for it to work. And just like Mary Poppins said "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."

What is the cure-all for sickness and sadness? What will help you grow healthier and find happiness? Gratitude. Easier said than done. I admit, I struggle to find things to be happy about sometimes. It's easy to focus on what is wrong in our lives. It takes some effort to adjust our perspective toward what is good, right and worthy.

I love the analogy of the two dogs in a race. One was skinny and lethargic. The other was strong and energetic. Which one will win? The one that is being fed. So, which one are you feeding? In order for health and happiness to win, you need to feed it with gratitude. Here are a few ways you can put some sugar on that spoon and make it easier to give thanks.

1) Thank yourself: This is easy to overlook but can be the most powerful. A personal example of how I practice thanking myself is after yoga. When it's time for namaste (the light in me sees the light in you) and I put my hands together in front of my face and bow, I give my thumbs a kiss and whisper "thank you".

2) Take pictures: We all have our phones on us but may not have our journals. Keep a photo journal of everything around you that you are grateful for. People like your family and friends but it could be strangers too. Places like your home or the gas station you needed when the empty light turned on. Things like your yummy breakfast or the fall leaves.

3) Set a reminder: Our days are so full so sometimes setting an alarm on your phone or scheduling in reflection time can be helpful. With each alarm you set, name it with a topic or category to be thankful for.

Thank you! I am so grateful for you. You are WHY I do what I do. You keep me going in those times when I want to give up. You make my life special and meaningful. You teach me so much more than you will ever know.


I’m Erin Slutsky, a #SelfAwareness coach, speaker, and #Enneagram expert for women who want to become their authentic selves and not who they have been told to be.

I help women find the #courage to be #vulnerable so they can #connect with themselves and others.

If you are ready to rediscover YOU, I will show you how. DM me to set up a time to meet.

The woman you are becoming is waiting!

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