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Coming Clean

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

It's interesting what people will do when they don't want to follow through with their promise, or in this case, finish the job. It has taken me years to ask for help with the house cleaning. I had it ingrained in me that I was to be the one to "keep house", it was my job as a stay-at-home mom and wife. It was my contribution to the family. So when my girls got older and started getting jobs of their own, I lost the help I had depended on. I really started to feel the burden of maintaining the level of cleanliness we were used to when I started my coaching business. I hadn't had to balance work and home life like this before. I needed help. Though it took me a while to get over feeling guilty or embarrassed that I wanted someone to come help me clean, I went ahead and started my search.

There have been many different people who have helped me clean and honestly, no one has been able to do it the way I want. I didn't think I was that particular but I see things they don't. So when they didn't do what I expected, I would either not schedule with them again or they wouldn't come back. One of the more recent ones had hope. She was a young mom and wanted to start her cleaning business right. She had a contract and insurance. She came highly recommended and did a thorough job. I thought she was a keeper. The last time I scheduled her, she called and said she was really sick. I told her to take care of herself and get back to me to reschedule. I never heard from her. Now, you may ask why I didn't reach out to her. I believe it was her responsibility to contact me as the business owner. She is the one trying to make a go of it, right? Well, this just led me on the search again for someone to come clean once a month.

This last girl was promising. Many people recommended her so I thought I would try her out. She understood t