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Do You Have a D.I.C.?

Our Deep Inner Critic feeds off of our limiting beliefs. It lies to us. Our natural reaction is to reject our inner critic but what if we look at it from a place of curiosity? What can we learn? What does your Deep Inner Critic say to you?

Here are some messages your D.I.C. might be saying to you according to your Enneagram type. (If you don't know your Enneagram type, take the free test HERE.)

Type 1 It's your job to be the responsible one You have to be perfect to be good You didn't do enough Type 2 You have to give in order to get You aren't appreciated You have to help every time someone is in need Type 3 If you aren't productive, you are being lazy People will reject you if you fail If you don't have a chance to win, don't even try Type 4 No one understands You are not enough You will never have what they do You are broken and need to be fixed Type 5 You don't have the right answer so just keep quiet You don't have enough energy to deal with emotions Your needs are not important Type 6 You can't trust them to be there for you The worst case scenario will happen Plan for every situation and you will avoid being hurt Type 7 People don't take you seriously Say yes to everyone so you don't miss out You have to stay positive Type 8 Don't show them your vulnerable side, they will think you are weak If you don't take charge, who will? You have to keep going Type 9 You are invisible, no one notices you You need to be the peacemaker/peace keeper Don't cause conflict

Here are some journal prompts for all types to help guide you. When you hear a limiting belief come up ask your inner critic When did you start believing this about yourself? What they are trying to teach you or protect you from? What is true and what is a belief? Why do you believe this about yourself?

If you are ready to confront your D.I.C. and want support through this process, l

et's chat and see if it's time for coaching.

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