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When I was a Little Girl

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Do you need to look back and Rediscover who you truly are?

I remember when I was a little girl.

I dreamed of becoming... (don't laugh)

Miss America!

I would walk down the stairs after my evening bath, wearing my robe and my dad would sing

"Here she is, Miss America!"

Fast forward to when I was 19...

Guess what I did?

I entered one of those pageants...

and WON!

When I think back to those days, I see clues of

WHO I was

WHAT I valued

WHY I did what I did

REMEMBERING these things is so helpful when I'm 


Motherhood, career, family, 

Fear, anxiety, shame, anger

All these things get in the way of being who we are meant to be.

THIS is what I want all women to know.

YOU are valued, loved, worth it!

WORTH the investment

WORTH the time

WORTH the effort

Do you believe this?

I would love to help

Your answer to be YES!


I have a client that came to me when her kids started "leaving the nest"

Her identity was so tied to her children, she couldn't imagine life without them.

She felt LOST

She didn't know who she was anymore.

It all happened SO FAST!

Do you feel LOST sometimes?

Or that you have FORGOTTEN who you are?

You SEARCH for your identity

but can't FIND yourself anywhere!

On our journey through REDISCOVERING yourself,

you will learn...

~ how to look for clues of who you are

~ how to read the map to get back to your true self

~ how to accept and love yourself

so that

you can love others better

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