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Core Workout

I believe all women have to potential to become who they truly want to be. But as busy, successful, self-sufficient women, we need (and deserve) the support and tools to make that happen. The most effective tool I have come across is one that helps you understand WHY you see things the way you do. It helps you gain insight into your strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for growth.

This self-awareness tool can be beneficial for busy, successful, self-sufficient women like you as it can help you:

  • Communicate more effectively with others by understanding your core motivations and behaviors.

  • Make better decisions by recognizing how your personality type may influence your judgment.

  • Build stronger relationships by being more aware of your own needs and the needs of others.

  • Manage stress and emotions more effectively by understanding your own triggers and coping mechanisms.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

  • Identify your blind spots and work on improving them.

This tool is The Enneagram. Ennea means nine, gram means drawing (think of a diagram). It represents nine different core personality types that inform and guide you to understand your core motivations, core fears, and areas of growth. You can learn more about this self-awareness tool here.

When we are aware of what makes us "tick", we can direct our path and align our lives with what we value. Because I also believe we prioritize what we value. And when we are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or insecure, we need to take a look at what we are prioritizing and see if that aligns with our values. Take The Alignment Quiz and see what adjustments you may need to make to strengthen your core.

Keep your eye out for details about Self-Awareness Academy beginning in March where I will show you how to use the Enneagram to become a more self-aware and empowered woman.

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