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What a trip to the museum taught me.

My hubby and I found ourselves with no plans on a rainy weekend afternoon (this is very rare). So we decided to check out a museum we had been wanting to visit. Well, honestly, we really haven't been "dying" to go here but we felt it was one of those #museums we "needed" to go to. We knew it would have a meaningful and lasting effect on us and yet we had put it off for years. We knew the emotions it would bring up and that we would leave changed from before we entered the doors. So, for whatever reason, we found ourselves knowing that now was the time to go to the Holocaust Museum.

This subject seemed relevant to what was going on in the world today. So much injustice and division between people in our country and our families. We wanted to gain perspective and learn what the Jews did to survive. You see, my husband comes from a Jewish background and feels a certain connection with those who suffered.

At this particular visit, we heard from Fritzie Fritzshall who survived Auschwitz. Her story was moving and unbelievable. She recently passed away. But before she did, her son had encouraged her to tell her story. You see, she never talked about it. She never shared with anyone what happened to her. She kept those horrific memories to herself and wanted to keep them locked away forever. But when her son asked her to share her story so he and his children could know, she finally agreed.