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Let Your GPS Guide You

I remember getting lost in the woods on my 6th-grade field trip. I was with a few friends and we weren't paying attention to where we were going. We just let the trail lead us. By the time we realized we were lost, it started to get dark. That's when our fear kicked in. It's also when our senses started tuning in to our surroundings. We looked around for something familiar. We looked for signs of the direction we came from. We listened to the birds and sounds of the forest and maybe we could hear people calling, looking for us. We even tried to smell for a campfire. Back then, there were no cell phones with a GPS. We had to use our camping skills and instincts.

A GPS is so helpful when we are needing to know where to go. It also helps us when we are lost. The Growth Path To Self method of using the Enneagram does just that. It shows us our starting point (our core type), different routes we can take (our wings) and any detours or "law enforcement" on the way as well as the best way that will get there (our line numbers).

The numbers that are connected to our core type are called our line numbers. One line generally points away from our type and one points toward. Again, there are many theories of how to think of our line numbers. I will show you just one way they can be used here.

Let's continue with the Type Three as our example. The lines connected to the Type Three are Type Nine (The Peacemaker) and Type Six (The Loyalist). When a Three is stressed, the may withdraw, get real quiet and avoid conflict. This is what the Nine can look like. The Three needs to go through that number to get to the Type Six and become loyal to herself and trust her intuition. Now she can return to her Core Type and achieve her goals with efficiency and authenticity.

The GPS (Growth Path to Self) method is an effective, foolproof way to coach yourself through any situation, conflict, or decision. It will give you a sense of confidence as you become the authentic woman you desire to be. Reach out if you would like a copy of your personalized GPS and I will send you one.

We obviously found our way out of the woods and back to safety. It took us a long time and many tears. When we found our campsite, we were relieved but got in so much trouble! We learned our lesson of paying attention to where we are going at all times and remembering where we came from. This applies to life too. Having a tool to help you direct you back to who you are when you feel lost is invaluable.


We will go in-depth through the GPS method in Self-Awareness Academy.

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